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November 2022 Chevelle Challenge - Odometer

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Congrats again to @Jerry Briggs, October's winner.
High tech or low tech, since 1925, it's been standard on most vehicles.

For this month's challenge, show us your odometer and maybe tell us how you got some of those miles!

We do have some basic rules:
  • Members MUST have at least 20 posts
  • Unless otherwise stated, you may submit up to 5 photos
  • Voting will take place via a poll during the last week of the month
  • Feel free to PM me with ideas for future themes
Winners will receive:
  • One year of premium membership (no ads, focused browsing mode, and more)
  • A profile badge to show off your winner status
  • A place in the winner's gallery
  • Their winning photo featured on the homepage until the next contest starts
Good luck to all who enter!

Who's Your Choice?

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Speedometer Car Vehicle White Odometer

From Nebraska to Texas to Arkansas and back to Nebraska. My most memorable and favorite drive in this beauty...My first car toting my first born home to Nebraska from Texas on my birthday in 1996. It was just her and me in the Chevelle with the wife driving the rental van with all our belongings. There was snow on the ground in northern Texas when we left that day and there was a speeding ticket waiting for me when I got back to Nebraska. These days that same child has ownership of this awesome vehicle one day in her sights. Unfortunately for her, I'm not going anywhere for a few decades more and have no interest in relinquishing possession. The good Lord willing, that is.
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