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I am working on putting 1/2" fuel lines on a 68 Dodge Charger. The car is mostly setup for drag racing.

Long story short, I had a problem starting it up the other day. It was really cold. (It has run since I finished the rear plumbing) After unsucessfully trying to get the chokeless carbs (yeah theres 2) to start, I thought the battery was dead.

Swapped in a new battery but have same sympton.

The electric fuel pump runs, but when I turn the key to the start position I get nothing but a click & not enuff juice turn over or run the radio.

Is it the starter solinoid? Is there some kinda of starter relay like in a Ford?

The motor is a 383, and there is an msd inginition module involved.

I know this is a Chevelle board, but I have to move this monster so I can have a warm/dry place to put my 70 Chevelle back together.



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Don't know about anyone else but barely able to get in here. Hope this goes through. Have you tried jumping it? With the ground to the block? The solenoid click noise sort of indicates a battery problem even though you changed it.
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