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No start - Help!

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I have a 69 396 4-speed. My symptoms are as follows:
At totally random times (but never the first of the day) the car won't turn over. Radio works, headlights work, but starter won't turn. I'm able to successfully push start.
I've seen this before on my other car and it has normally been battery or battery connection related. Checked both here and they are good. One thing I noticed is that I can start the car in neutral with the clutch out (I've heard thru this forum that that switch can be a problem, but not sure if it applies here). I tested starter last time this happened, but wasn't certain I was doing it correctly. I saw two leads off the solenoid and tested both, got no voltage when cranking. Was that the correct way to do that? Thanks a lot(from a novice wrench)in advance.
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Thanks a lot John. Your comments were spot on. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the starter is clicking but not turning, then that will eliminate the neutral safety switch. This was the case, so I replaced all cables and terminals, cleaned up the posts real well. Haven't had the problem since (fingers crossed). I'll let you know if it arises again. Thanks very much!
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