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No Spark w/HEI

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I removed and replaced the HEI while working on my car and now get NO SPARK. There is a full 12V at the wire I had previously run when the ignition switch is in run. If I have my Voltmeter on the wire then "touch" the wire to the BATT terminal in the cap...voltage drops to less than a volt (I don't know if that's significant or a red herring). I swapped out the coil AND the module from another running HEI equipped car and the other car ran fine, but the "new" parts still had me spark free. Swapped everything changes. I'm sure it's something stupid and simple that I'm overlooking...but I'm more than a bit frustrated and confused. Heeeeeelp!?!?

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Sounds like a power supply problem rather than the HEI. Try putting a jumper direct from a +12v source to the HEI to test it out.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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