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no spark at plugs or coil, replace 2 msd boxes

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i am so confused, i am lost.
car is a chevelle 460 bb, car ran fine, had hei in it at first, then went out and bought the msd set up, msd 6a box, msd 85551 pro billet dist., and msd blaster 2 coil. it was working great, i was happy with it. then all of a sudden, it wont start, no spark at plug or from coil to dist. checked all my connections, all turn out good connection. so i return it to the place i bought it, got store credit so i ended up getting a NEW msd 6al. still no spark, it wont start. i checked and i am getting 12v to msd box through big red wire that are coming from the battery. getting 12v from small red wire that is connected to ignition. when i crank it, it drops about 11v. what could be my problem?? distribuator??? coil??? spark plugs??? should i just dump this and go back to HEI??? :mad::angry::pout:
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Did you test for spark, see pgs 9 and 10 in link series/6series.pdf

Be sure to to do the test quickly (make and break the connection with the jumper wire) If you do it slowly, it still won't spark (found that out the hard way)
i did this test, no spark. so i took the box back, and got a new one. i havent tested this one, but it is new, no spark.....:sad:
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