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No nothing!

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O.K., The car is a straight-six 250, 2-door hardtop. It was running when it was noticed that the valve cover bolts were not tightened causing oil to leak. The car was turned off, and bolts tightened. On the attempt to re-start, the starter area began to smoke, the key was immediately turned off. Now, when the key is turned; nothing! No headlights, no dashlights, no solenoid click, no nothing!

What could be the problem(s)?
Could the fusable link in the starting system disable the current flow through the headlight or dash harness, or the entire car?
I don't have to replace the whole electric system, do I?

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What car was this? Properly wired you should not have lost everything.
Starter motor may have been bad or the wire from it could have shorted to the frame. On a 72 or later car it is possible to loose all power. There's a wire from solenoid B+ (big lug) that runs up the back of the engine to the horn relay next to the brake booster. This line powers the whole car. In this line, attached to the solenoid, is a fusible link. What may have burnt is the link itself, causing the smoke and shutting down the car. Can't answer what caused the link to burn but sounds like it's related to the starter or its wires.
"No rear lights" in no rear tail or running lights??
Front running lights work?
Brake lights work?
Dash lights work?
Are the bulbs blown? Have you looked at the bulbs or sockets?
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