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No nothing!

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O.K., The car is a straight-six 250, 2-door hardtop. It was running when it was noticed that the valve cover bolts were not tightened causing oil to leak. The car was turned off, and bolts tightened. On the attempt to re-start, the starter area began to smoke, the key was immediately turned off. Now, when the key is turned; nothing! No headlights, no dashlights, no solenoid click, no nothing!

What could be the problem(s)?
Could the fusable link in the starting system disable the current flow through the headlight or dash harness, or the entire car?
I don't have to replace the whole electric system, do I?

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you probably shorted out the power cable to the starter. mostly likely very near the starter. i have had the same thing happen by shorting it out against a header that had melted the insulation. should be pretty easy to fix. just follow the lines going down to the starter and look for the damaged area. if you dont mind spending the time and money, and if this is where the problem is, you might consider dropping the starter and splicing in a quick disconnect starter harness (got mine from Sumitt but i'm sure there are other places that carry them). it is a great way to replace those wires near the starter that are often baked out and brittle, with nice new ones. also it makes changing out the starter a bunny in the future. i also added a starter heat shield but with a six you may have plenty of clearance and that may not be needed.
in my case, when i lost that power cable i lost everything electrical in the car. let me correct that. i did not try the lights but i lost everything thing off the ignition position of the key.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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