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Well, put in a new starter and fabed heat sheild,ran the car for a good hour,in stop and go just to get the temp up,stopped,let it sit for about 1-2 minutes,and wa-be-la
started right up.Looks like I'll be out this weekend without my rabbits foot.Thanx all for the help and suggestions......

Steve (The Doctor)
66 chevelle(327)
afr 195's(10.3:1)
air gap w/holly 780
comp XE268H
TH350 (2400 stall)
3:73 rear
(383 in the works)

"new short block..$2,500
"nos setup..$400
"odds and ends....$1,00
"The look on your wifes face when the visa bill comes in........Priceless
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