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No Dash Lights

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I had the dash out of my 68 El Camino and I replaced all the bulbs with the correct ones (#1895), and when I pull out the headlight switch one notch for the parking lights and the gauge lights to come on the parking lights work but no gauge lights. When I pull the headlight switch out all the way,the headlights work but still no gauge lights. When the headlight switch is completely pushed in all the way (off pos.) the fuel gauge works as should. If I pull the switch out one pull or to the next pull out the fuel gauge drops down to "E" position. Is this a bad headlight switch or some kind of a ground problem and where ??? I have 2 other 68 headlight switches (used ones) I tryed them and they act the same way. I hardly think that all three switches could be bad. PLEASE HELP :confused: Thanks, Mark
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Yeah , I found the problem why I didnt have dash lights. It was missing a ground wire from the gauge cluster to the dash frame (metal). Once I hooked up a good clean ground wire there,everything works as should.
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