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no cranking power

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i recently replaced my starter on a 71ss w/454 and turbo 350 trans.,electronic ignition.
After i replaced the starter the car would not turn over i thought the batt. was dead so i tried jumping , this did not work.
I disconnected the jumper cables and tried to start it and it fired up. Drove the car around town for 45 minutes and came home turned it off and it would not start,it would not even turn over. need help please if any one has a answer please send to me at [email protected]
Thanks Bill71ss
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It sounds like the solenoid is not getting enough voltage to pull-in the starter. Try jumping the starter with a piece of wire or a screwdriver right to the battery terminal.

If this is the case, go through the wiring connections on the purple "start" wire to find the bad connection that is causing the voltage drop. If the voltage drop is before the ignition switch then check the incoming main power wire that feeds the whole car. It comes through the connector on the back of the fuse box.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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