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Nicely equipped 67 Elky

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Nice red on red with the following:

Straight rust/ripple free body - SS hood - chrome & trim good
Nice Red BC/CC paint
Factory Buckets/console/nice interior/ac
427 with dual quads - engine specifics not clear but sounds VERY healthy
Serpintine belt system/ billit brackets/ braided lines billit PS pump -all polished & very nice detailed engine compartment
Doug Nash 5 speed
Front disc brakes
12 bolt posi
17" TT II wheels - nice tires

An overall nice street machine, maybe some elbow grease and a week's labor and a few trim parts to be on par with a Super Chevy trophy car. The current owner isn't a muscle car guy and he took the car in on a trade 3 years ago. I'm ready to buy this car tommorrow, but I'm thinkin in 'I gotta have it' mode.
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Sounds like a nice ride. Hey, don't you have a '60 El Camino already? Not that there's anything wrong with having a collection of them.

A little more info:

Stroker 434 BBC, all forged internals, 68 Chevelle 396, .060" over, worked 215 heads
Richmond 5 Speed
3.73 Posi 12 bolt
Ceramic coat headers
Billit Specialties belt system, PS pump & A/C compressor
3" exhaust
Paint & Body are awesome - No rust anywhere
Disc brakes
Runs like a raped ape
Talked with original owner that says it's an original 396 4 speed El Camino - He still has the original 4 speed Muncie and MIGHT know where the block is.

What do you think it's worth now?
What would it be worth restored to a #'s matching car?
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Whats he asking for it?

Whats weird is Elkes have never drawn the cash that coupes have, Im not sure why
its quite modified, just figure out if its worth it to you, and if so, rock on !

We're finishing up a '69 el Camino. It's was a pretty basic vehicle. I already had the wheels, tires, bucket seats, and in for over $20K CDN. I could have had the choice of several SS cars for about the same money. el Caminos seem to be the bargain Chevies out there. There are several for sale on this web site that will give you something to compare with.
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