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Newb Question

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So I have been messing with engines since I was about 15 but for me that was only 8 years ago so theres a lot for me to learn still. I built my first big block last year and have not gotten it to the track or dyno shop yet. I have had some tranny issues so havent got to drive it much either. The motor idles and revs smoothly seems to have an abundance of power. So my question is how does one tell how far they can rev the motor? Cam specs? I know a dyno will show the powerband but is there a rule of thumb for determining rev limit? Thanks in advance guys. Sorry for the NEWBIE question.
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Your power range depends on several things, but mostly your cam and heads.
You can rev past your power range, but then you are limited by things like your valve springs and bottom end parts.

Lets say you have a cam that is designed to make power to 6k , no reason to go to 7k.
you could then see how it feels at different rpm from say 5500 - 6200.
Post your specs and you can get a pretty good idea.
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