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Ok so I rebuilt my motor and in doing so I put a transheild on my car which effectively highly reduced the gap between the floor and the transmission. I also added solid motor mounts(dont think its the problem but you guys probably know).

Getting the trans in with the sheild was kind of a hassle but after hammering some on the floor I was able to get it all bolted in.(The trans is tight against the floor and very tight against the crossmember and transmount(which is an energy suepsnions unit).

I have a pretty good vibration from about 2K up. wasnt there before the trans sheild and solid motor mounts. I had the energy suspension trans mount in there before.

What do you guys think? Could the shieild have messed up my pinion angle causing the vibration? Should I try a stock rubber trans mount that is shorter?

The vibration is worst at 2K and gradually goes away increasing rpm but it still noticable....if this helps my cam idles at 1100 and cleans up about 3k.

Heres a pic for a visual

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