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New technology for sanding & buffing

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While at the swap meet today, I saw a few products I haven't seen before for sanding, buffing, polishing, etc. Eagle is the name brand, but the products come from Japan and are new to the market here. Instead of sand PAPER, they sell these little snading sheets made with latex that sticks to a soft foam pad in 2500 and 3000 grit called Buflex. It's supposed to have a super uniform grit, unlike 3M paper or Norton and even MacGuire's unigrit papers (also from Japan).

I tried it out when I got home and I really like it! A little swirl remover from Tropi-Care with an orange foam pad was all it took to bring a once orange peel surface to a glass like polished surface. I dodn't now yet how long the 'sheets' last, but it seems to stand up just fine.

Anyone have experience with these products?
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I think they are a copy of 3m's trizact system that has been out for a while. when i did my car a couple of years ago i used the 3m system and it works great, but i still had to wet sand to 1000 before using the pads .
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