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New starter recommendation?

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I need a new starter for the 70 SS. Note that I have a 327 from a '68 Corvette with a Muncie M21 -- if that matters...

AutoZone has two starters available. They have their "Duralast" (which is kinda their in-house brand) unit for $40. Then they have a "performance" starter (not sure by who, unfortunately) for around $130.

I really have no idea if I should save my money to put towards other things in the car and get the $40 Duralast starter -- or if it is really "worth it" to go with a "performance" starter at $130.

Checking the website, they also have a $240 "hi-torque chrome performance" starter that the AutoZone guy didn't mention to me at all -- that's definitely outside my price range at this point. Plus a $200 "hi-torque painted performance" that's also too much...

Any thought/suggestions? Thanks!

- John...
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How did ya figure out it was bad?
Did see the other thread and answered. Good chance it was the diodes in the alternator killing the battery.
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