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New starter recommendation?

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I need a new starter for the 70 SS. Note that I have a 327 from a '68 Corvette with a Muncie M21 -- if that matters...

AutoZone has two starters available. They have their "Duralast" (which is kinda their in-house brand) unit for $40. Then they have a "performance" starter (not sure by who, unfortunately) for around $130.

I really have no idea if I should save my money to put towards other things in the car and get the $40 Duralast starter -- or if it is really "worth it" to go with a "performance" starter at $130.

Checking the website, they also have a $240 "hi-torque chrome performance" starter that the AutoZone guy didn't mention to me at all -- that's definitely outside my price range at this point. Plus a $200 "hi-torque painted performance" that's also too much...

Any thought/suggestions? Thanks!

- John...
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Sorry, I was going to follow up in that other thread with details... Long story short, after I was finally able to drop it out of the car (I had to loosen the headers to do it), I had it tested at AutoZone. There, it does exactly like I "heard" in the car -- the click is the gear popping forward -- but it wouldn't spin most of the time.

We hooked a battery to it directly -- and it took 5 or 6 reconnections before it actually popped forward and SPUN too. The other times, it just popped forward and sat there.

So, for $40, I went for the cheap replacement with the lifetime warranty. If I decide to move to something else later, no huge loss.

My battery is charging up right now (went dead when I put the clock fuse back in -- if you haven't seen my other thread about that). When it is done, I'll head home and hopefully put everything back in. Turns out my alternator was dead too. When it rains, it pours...

- John...
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