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New Pistons, is the motor still balanced?

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I have a .060 over 496 that sounds like a diesel so I pulled it apart and found the piston to wall clearance to be between .005 and .006. The pistons are flat top KB hypercracktics. If I have the block bored to the right size for a new set of .070 identical KB pistons that I already own and If I weigh each rod and piston from my .060 assembly and match it to the .070 rod and piston weight, would it still be balanced?

Thanks for the good advice I'm sure I'll be getting. :)
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get rid of the kb pistons trust me
I know thats good advice but I already got them :(. I got one new .070 piston for the set because it was cracked and the builder missed it. It's a long sad story but believe me, i won't buy another KB piston as long as I live on this earth.:yes:

Thanks 540 rat I hope the piston weight is close enough to make them the same as the smaller pistons.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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