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Hi just registered although I have been hitting the site for years. Finishing up the Camaro so it is time to haul another one from the storage barn and get started. Is it still considered a barn find when it is found in your own barn? Anyway 71 Malibu 400 convertible that I bought from the original owner (for all practical purposes). I have the build sheet and original title. Roughly 100k miles. Basically everything that a SS would have but it has 4 wheel drums. I did drive it for a couple years when I first bought it but setting in the shed has caused some systems to "degrade". When I first bought it I did a quick rebuild on the engine due to fluctuating oil pressure, trans worked, had the cruise control rebuilt, gauges all functioned but I never tried the 8-track player, and the top went up and down like it was supposed to. Stopped like you would expect it to. It will be getting a full frame off and left as close to original as possible, at least for a car that will need everything replaced. Everything is there that it was built with except of course the maintenance items associated with 100k miles and the manifold heat stove (not worth the price of the car to buy one). I will be checking date codes and the like as I disassemble it for restoration. Some pictures attached, sorry I don't have any better pictures of the Camaro at this time or any pictures of the MC.


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