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new member here 350 advise

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Sorry long post
I do not have a chevelle but I read your forum for engine information.
I just bought them Goodwrench 350 10067353 from jegs. This is my first ever engine project.
There are so many choices for cams and heads my mind is spinning. What do you recommend for my application.
1980 corvette. 4 speed weight on the title is 3150lbs
3.08 rear gears with 2.88 first gear in t10 trans. (Will be switching to 3.73 in the future)
Car is used 99% street, with an occasional blast down the 1/4 mile
I currently have the stock L48 in it and a best run of 15.4 @ 94 mph on old Goodyear ST tires
The only mod I've made to my engine are headers with sidepipes 1 7/8" primaries recurved the distributor for 36 degrees @3000 rpm installed a jegs quadrajet.
For heads I've been looking at these procomp a skip white performance with 58cc chambers to get the compression up 9.5 or a little more.
Cam looking at voodoo 268 or 276, comp xe268, 274, Howards 110041-10 Cams I am also considering are isky mega 270, 280 with the 108 center to build more dynamic compression.
I'd like to reuse my quardajet
Intake performer rpm.

Suggestions please
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Id like to keep my max rpm's at or around 6000.
I also like the profiler 195 heads and dart shop 180 but I would need to have either of those milled to get the compression up to 9.5-10:1.
Unfortunately a roller cam isn't in my budget right now. New engine will be here Monday but this project is going to be my winter project thD's year, engine, engine bay, new tires and wheels and lower front and rear suspension. The gear change come later .
Do you know if Chris straub does flat tappet hyd cams? I read a lot of posts.about his cams, everyone seems real happy with the cams does for them. Since this engine cheaper than I was planning I will have more to spend in other areas like the head and cam. I've also been reading about heads from chad speier and some others. Would there be any noticeable benefit by using a ported head on a 350 in my aplication?
What is the way to contact you about a cam and head packag?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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