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Hey everybody
My name is Lukas. I come from San Diego and now live in Burbank. I'm 28 yeArs old and just traded my 96bmw z3 roadster ,which I bought for $2,000, for a 67 Olds cutlass.. Wich has been in a garage for 20. years. Granny must have been petit cause the seats feel and look like the car wasn' t driven much at all. I'm gonna scrap the olds drivetrain for a chevy one. I' m thinking of a 305sbc with long tube headers tied to a 700r4 with a 3:73 rear. I love Chevelles and have two in the family but I want a daily drver that's not a hot ticket for car thieves.

This cutlass is perfect inside, so perfect I actually don't want my dog inside. On the outside it looks 40 years old.

Slow and low profile and even economical is the future for this rogue.
I really want to put big rubber all the way around for that 70's NASCAR look. Keep the burgandypaint with a white roof and trunk. I wana to get this a/c better than new and do some road-trippin some where far away. It's got the bench seat I wanted and not a single crack in the dash.

Now all I need is $$$ and have recently bEen blessed with a new job in these crazy times.

Life is great, God is the all mighty and love fills my heart. Thanks for all the forums ,it is an important source of information from some of the greatest minds in the world.

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Welcome Lukas...
Drop the 305 idea and use a 350. Better MPG and more power..
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