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New guy Hawaii

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Well here is a little intro to myself and my situation.

I'm a mechanic and I own a small general auto repair shop. Used to work at a diesel yard and got lucky with finding a small shop I could afford. I don't know as much as I should about older cars and engines but I know enough to get me by.

My dad has a 1970 Chevelle Malibu with a 305 crate motor (yes I know). Original was a 307 it blew in the 80's and his mechanic at the time threw in the 305. Well my dad is a 6 time cancer survivor but this seventh time it moved to his brain and docs said he has 6 months.

He always loved this car. If it was a choice between food or fixing the car I'm sure you can figure out the car came first. His dream was to make her really nice and show it off but time, money and the need to drive her always held him back. Now that he can't drive her anymore, I told him that I would restore the car for him.

Sorry about the long intro but the story is I have 6 months to restore his car and I live in Hawaii so shipping takes a long time for big stuff. I may have some questions but I'm not new to forums so I do know how to use the search button:thumbsup: I would really appreciate your guys help, as I have read a bunch of stuff on the site and it helped a lot.

Ps. Can't swap the engine for a bigger one because I done have enough money rather just make what I have look good. It will have to be a daily driver/show car because I have to sell my truck to finish the project.
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Shawn, welcome and best wishes for your dad and your family. I'm sure you'll find a wealth of information here that will help your project along. Good Luck!!!
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