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Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I'm on my second 84 El Camino now, both were Conquista models that started life with a v-6. I got the first one when I was 16, and it was my first car. The guy told me it had a 350 in it, but when I ran the casting numbers, it was just a 305. I ended up trading it in for an S-10 in 2003. I just got another one, which is identical, and it actually was owned by the brother of the guy I got the first one from. This one actually has a 350 and runs great, but the lower quarters are pretty much gone, and it has some rust holes in the bed floor between the wheel wells. Other than that, it's not real bad. Does anyone know what I can do about the rust in the bed? I've seen complete bed floors online, but they are ~$450, and I don't need the whole thing. Is there a way I can patch it and have it look decent? I can post up pics of the car later when I get home. Sorry for the long first post. Thanks for any replies.
ETA: I did a quick search, but I couldn't find anything for 78-87 models.
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