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New guy!/but so new/but quite new

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I am new to this forum~~~~~~but not new to this hobby in fact, i'm a street rodder of the most involved kind. I have built 24 kars start to finish.NOT bragging mind you.I have done a number of earlier brit bikes. i have at present 2004 restored america, And a really nice shadow 2003. Cushmans ... many restored. Still have two left . Did many restos on the early mustangs [bikes] built 5 kars for other guys.
I have a 49 merc full kustom....a 49 ford chopped convert......and A third owner 32 ford 3-window.Which will be here after i'm gone.Pure street rod.i have a 55 chevy 2-2dr sedan i have started .but not sure i'll get her done.Been busy raising three fine over 6' boys.lost my youngest in a freak auto accident, He died at 23 hope to get to know some ,of you maybe most of you? Any quetions fire away :yes::D Bob scharp
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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