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New Exhaust and Mufflers

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I finally got around to finishing my exhaust system. It consists of Dynatech Musclemaxx 1-3/4” to 1-7/8” stepped headers. Dynomax Super Turbo 17793 mufflers. 3 inch mandrel bent from front to back with turn downs near the rear bumper. No crossover. Tucked up nicely. Good clearance over the axle.

Sounds good and it tames it down inside the car. Now I have the pleasure of hearing my electric fuel pump. What do you guys think? I’m really happy with it. Plus I have room to grow for future power.

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I would Not use Flowmasters on any perf type engine
If not Flowmasters, what would you recommend to get a good sound, but not overwhelming?

When most people think Flowmasters, they think 40 series. They are the mufflers that put FM on the map, but they can get real old real fast if you're using your car for anything other going to a local car show. But if you're sold on that distinct sound, they have a couple of versions that are easier on the ears- the Super 50 and the 70 series. The 70 is a longer Super 50. They are both much quieter than the 40's plus they control drone too. Yes, I've seen dyno tests where they'll cost 50+ HP on a 500+HP engine at peak rpm, but most of us use our cars on the street where the effect is not so much. For a strictly street car, I tell my customers to buy the sound they like and just enjoy their car. P.S.- you can't go wrong with Dynomax Super Turbo's either. Sweet sounding traditional muscle car sound.
Super 50
70 Series
Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers
A big thanks for all of this information and links. It is exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

This forum is awesome
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The best is yet to come. You can't get any kind of idea what an exhaust system will sound like until the exhaust gets a good four or five thousand miles on it. The top muffler out of any other muffler made is the Dyno Max 17749. This muffler has gone through more tests and has passed with flying colors.
I have about 17,000 miles on mine now and wow does it sound fantastic! Crusing, it reminds me of our Chris Craft ski boat we had back in the 60s.The boat had a 348 police enforcer motor that was out fitted for a boat. My el Camino has a 454 truck engine. So while its not a race engine, it isn't really stock, since truck engines are built to rev while keeping a strong torque band.
Mine didn't sound too good with the X pipe but once I removed it, that great big block, Duntov Chevrolet sound came back.
I also pour a half quart of transmission fluid into each muffler first one side let it sit all night then the other side and let that sit all night. When you first start the car it will smoke but it seals the muffler and tail pipes. It puts a coating over the fiberglass and it will last forever. It also give the exhaust this cool, crackel sound while idling. This only works if you don't use a vacuum advance.Vacuum advances always ruined the idle sound on any car I ever owned but the X pipe is the ultimate exhaust tone destroyer..
Thanks again for all this valuable information. I’ll likely go with the Dynos.
While I have you, do you have any experience with exhaust cutouts? Looking to possibly add those at some point. There are so many different choices though and I only want to go there once.

Thanks man
Whichever cutouts you choose, locate them as far back as possible to make them last. Heat is the enemy of the electrics.
Great recommendation. As far back as the power cord will allow
The exhaust cutouts I used were the old style that you opened by hand. I used to see guys at car cruises always playing with them trying to get them open or closed.
The cutouts really dont do much. They also weaken exhaust velocity.

I've found from my own and others cars is two dedicated runs, all the way to the rear bumper with a muffler right before the rear end. works and sounds best. Those X pipes make the exhaust sound muffled to me. When I removed the Pypes X pipe that came with my car when I bought it, I noticed two things. My car ran just as good if not better and it sounded much better, that cool Chevrolet big block sound was back.
Thanks for sharing your experiences. I may just go with Dyno or FM mufflers to achieve the sound I want. To be honest, the cutouts were not intended for performance reasons, but just to increase the sound levels on demand and when desired.
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