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Contemplating new Accel Super Coil for '70 SS 402 w/original resistor wiring.
Due to probable location placement ( left of distributor) , coil wiring will not reach. Can mount jumper block on firewall to jumper to new coil. Will this added wire ( 16-18 ga, about 1 ft) effect voltage or resistor wiring. Any other thoughts on coil placement.
Maybe change to std Accel Super Stock coil and leave mounted to intake.

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The jumper block with std wire should be fine. Most guys seem to replace the resister wire with std wire and then use the step down resister.
Are you using the std points distributer?
Consider the MSD #8360 Extra Duty Ready to Run distributer, with the MSD Blaster Coil.
All drops right in. However you will need to run std wire to the coil as it needs a full 12 volts.
If you paint the coil satin black you will maintain the stock apearence and up date to electronic ignition. All parts avail from Summit.


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