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New Cam Possibilities.. UDHarold

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I am pulling my engine here pretty soon becasue somehow i cracked my oil pan, it had a pretty tuff life when it was in my chevelle that was pretty darn low and scraped over everything. While im changing the pan im also gonna change the rockers cause a few are getting sloppy and one looks like the roller pin is about to come out.

Well after i ran a compression check a while back and found that im right around 130, and everybody keeps telling me that my cam is too big for my compression i think its time to try a new one since the engine will already be out ....get every bit out of it i can.:D

The car is kinda heavy at almost 3600 with me, has 3.73's with a trans brake 400. Right now the converter flashes to 47-4800 but that can be changed to better suit the new cam if need be. The engine is a 468 with right at 11.5:1 Afr 305's a Victor Jr (I have a dart that is for my next motor that i may put on) with a HP1000 from prosystems and with 2 1/8 headers (too big for the 468 but not the next motor) I also live at over 5300 ft and the DA is usally in 7,000-9,000 range unless its the dead of winter.

Im looking for a solid flat tappet

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