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I replaced my 3.08's last fall with 3.42's. I barely got a chance to test them out before I had some engine problems. Over the winter I decided to do a cam change since I had to pull the intake and heads off anyway. Out came the ZZ4 cam and in went a Voodoo 270/278. It seems like my WOT 1-2 shiftpoint is much lower now. Used to be at around 5800rom and now it looks like it around 4500rpm. I didn't expect this since I thought WOT shifting was strictly based on engine rpm. Is it the less engine vacuum? Old cam was about 17in and the new one is around 15in. Or is my tach broke??? I'd just like to make sure this is normal before I go in and start messing with the governor. (TH350 trans) Thanks.
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