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New Auto Meter Custom Dash?

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Does anyone know if there is any place that sells or makes custom dashes with Auto Meter or any reputable gauges?
I am looking for a custom gauge set for my '67 Chevelle H/T.


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OPG has a dash with auto meter guages. They might not be as custom as you want them, but they're an option. If you want something totally radical, you're probably looking at having a shop do your work for you.--Amanda
If you want to look into digital gauges, Dakota Digital makes custom gauges.
'winder There is a company called Haneline or close to that who sells a variety of custom dashes, with and without gauges. They cater to the street rod crowd but are branching out. I talked to them at a street rod meet about a year ago and they had in production a dash panel for early chevelles (how early I don't remember). He said a panel for 68-72 was about a year and a half away. I haven't followed up, but you may want to. You may find there ad in a street rod mag.

If you're in a hurry, buy a "Street Rodder" magazine. I'm pretty sure they advertise there. In the mean time I'll check my back issues at home.
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Do you know how I could get ahold of that Haneline place? It sounds like they have exactly what I'm looking for. thanks
ricks right, I also was looking for what I think your refering to is what there making for camaro's, 55,56,57 chevy's and ford giddy up mustangs, had no luck, took my bezel to a fabricator, had one made with autometer gauges out al (sorry can't spell it) looks great just not oem.
Hey Side,

Try Dakota Digital,605.332.6513 or They can put new gauges in your existing bezel and also offer some custom pieces that may work in your car.
Hanelines' number is 760-363-6597. Their fax is 760-363-7321. They are in Morongo Valley Ca. I had to go back to 1997 Street Rodder to find their ad. Its possible they aren't around any more. Hope this helps.
BTW their dash panels are "bolt in engine turned panels".

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Hey 'Winder,

Wish I had asked that question before I did the dash in my '67. Everybody's got good sources. When I did mine, nobody I called had anything for the '67. Dakota will fit you with digital, but the problem is that there's nothing to mount them into. The otehr places are catering to the more popular (translates to easier) models, such as the tri-fives and custom street setups. As you probably know, there's not a lot to your guage cluster. I ended up cutting a piece of stainless to fit into the outer bezel, and fitting the guages into that. I used a VDO guage kit, and it looks pretty good. If you do find someone that makes a ready-fit unit, that won't cost you the farm, please let me know. Good Luck
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