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Went to Island dragway for last haraa this year hoping to better 11.64 115.5 previous best from may's track rental at LVD! Put jet extensions in and went up 2 steps on jet and ran 114 but car felt lazy above 6500! Thinking maybe it was a little fat and with time running out we said lets try putting timing up to 39 from 37 since this would be quicker than jetting down! Launched the 5 speed 327 at 5500 and pulled a nice wheelie netting only a 11.79 at 114.1 but a new best E.T. of 1.54! Not sure if the flat lazy pull above 6500 was too much fuel or valve springs getting weaker but i guess that is what winter is for,(going through and checking things out on car LOL) THANKS, AL
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