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The valve train is new as well, Chris put together a well thought out setup. The Heads as mentioned are AFR 315's CNC complete, the cam is his custom cam, H Beam rods, Mahley domed pistons and so on. I'm not smart enough to try and spec out all the parts myself and that why I wanted to go to an expert.

As for taking out a mild 454 and sticking in a 540....hell yes I want to. I'm at a point in life where throwing some disposable money around in this ball park is ok. I'm having fun with the build.

The car came to me done they way I have it now fully restored with the ZZ motor. It also has a TKO 600 in it with I think a 3.73 gear. For all you number crunchers you know this new 540 will exceed the specs of the trans... good thing I have stock stock tires on it right now.

Speaking of trans I have a question about what new clutch to purchase I'll look over in the transmission forum.

What do I want the car to do? I don't have a definitive answer to that. I will not race the car, thats for sure... looks fun but I'm not much a drag strip guy.

How I ended up taking out a perfectly fine zz454 was I wanted a bit more so I looked and settled on doing the top half (heads, cam, intake and valve train). I was looking af AFR 265's.. I thought I'm not that far from a complete build so why not (I know thats subjective but thats what I said to sell myself on the idea)

I called back and we swapped out some of the parts I had on order and poof the 540 was born. I asked for the most power on pump that can be driven on the street. While there are dozen of ways to get to that goal this one sounded great. I asked that we make sure I can upgrade even further and salvage most everything from what I'm buying now. I'd like to make only minor changes like a new cam and see solid results and not have replace everything else because I out classed that setup. Of course the next upgrade is subjective too...a little or a lot... who knows

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