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needs some carb help

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I have a402 with and performer Intake holley 670 street avg on it. can any body please give me a starting ponit on the jet size I think they are 65 in it now. I know you alittle rich then drop it down 2 but where to start LOL:confused:
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spark knock on load timming rite running 110 gas no carbon new heads so the only thing left is fuel.
yes vac advance set the timming at 8 btc running 110 fuel and yes I know a 750 would be better but dont have the funds to get one at this time.
Yes thats what IM thinking too. well this is it I doing the Intake gasket checking all vacumm ports and resealing all checking the advance in the disy. going thrught it with a fine tooth comb.will let you know what i come up with.also going from 65 pri and 68 sec to 70 pri and 72 sec.a 50cc acc pump and a bigger squrter.the heads are 3964290
mite have found the problem my vacume line to my power brakes had a little hole in it.will let you know tomarrow when I get it going.l:) getting old cant do this like I use to lol
well its not running yet went and took of the timming chain cover and checked the cam timming all was right there.
well her it is running and idels good check tdc balnacer was off a bit had a guy who builds these eng and race them give me a hand with it. It still has spark knok on hard acc no mater what we do hes is stump and beleave me that hard to to do.they are dome pistons running 12.5 to 1 comp.
this is what I did to git rid of my spark knock no vac advance no pcv valve now no spark knock. it good haveing friends in drag racing.
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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