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needs some carb help

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I have a402 with and performer Intake holley 670 street avg on it. can any body please give me a starting ponit on the jet size I think they are 65 in it now. I know you alittle rich then drop it down 2 but where to start LOL:confused:
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why do you think it needs changed?
What Mike said, something is out of the ballpark here. Do you have 12.5:1 compression or something? Even if you have 12.5 the 110 should cover it no sweat. What's the big disconnect? Wrong gasoline in the tank? timing marks goofed up? advance mechanism in the distributor boogered? adding jet is not a fix for the problem, it's a cover-up for the real problem.

Something is way out of whack here.
IMO you need to double check the timing marks are right before anything else. there's many discussions on here about this and how it's properly done.
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