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The battery is not the best location to connect the fans.

The alternator will supply the power for the fans when the engine is running. The alt output is connected directly to the horn relay. From the horn relay to the battery you have a 10 gauge wire with a fusible link at the battery end, J-block to battery. With the fans connected directly to the battery the current for the fans will flow from the horn relay through the 4-5 feet of 10 ga wire and fusible link to the battery then to the fans. This will result in a reduced voltage to the fans and a reduced voltage at the battery for charging.
This is good info from MAD Electrical.

If you chose to not rewire as suggested, you should connect the fan/fans to the horn relay, be sure to use a fusible link. If you don't have an upgraded alternator you should, and upgrade the alternator output wire to 8 ga.
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