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Hi guys, I've got hopefully two really easy questions. The first is I've got a Muncie M20 I'm looking to get the correct Hurst shifter for it. I'm looking specifically at:

The big question I've got is this the right one for a 1970 Chevelle? The reason I question this is because even without the installation kit, it's cheaper on here than any other major website including Hurst's own website. And I still get the install kit for essentially free? It just sounds too good to be true and I want to be sure.

The second is I bought this flywheel for my 454:

It says it's externally balanced for my 454, but there isn't any extra weight visible to me. Am I to assume it's unbalanced on the inside of the flywheel?

As always thanks ahead of time.

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about another $100 - $125.
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