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Need some opinions on an intake for my 454

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Kind of at stand-still on which intake to get for my 454. Here are the specs:
.030 454, major hogged out 990 rectangle port heads with 2.19s and 1.88s, 10 to 1 compression, 262/272 @.050 comp solid roller with 680/714 lift, Unilite w/6al box, 2 inch primary headers, TH400 with 3500 stall and 4.56 12 bolt...66 Chevelle SS with 31 inch tall tire...Car weighs roughly 3200 pounds...It's a weekend street car and occasional bracket car

I was thinking of a dual plane Weiand Stealth or a single plane Holley Strip Dominator...I've even thought of an old Twisted Tarantula...What do you guys think?
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Dart Single plane intake
Mike, just a couple opinions here, my own!

The cam is a bit on the "big" side for a 10:1 unit, BUT, if you happen to have about 340/350 CFM going in the heads it will "tweak" by!!

One other "but" though, if the car weighs more than your "guess", then you will be somewhat disappointed, I believe!

I say that because we are involved with a '66 SB, T-350, 12 bolt ladder-bar rear and this "ride" tips the scales at 3450 WITHOUT the driver!

Now finally, on the "flip" side, a simple head change later to a 112/114 and you will be in the "ballpark" with the cam choice!

Go with the 300-5 Holley, we have similar 454's (slighty less cam, non-roller, slightly higher compression, 11.25, closed chamber iron heads,) making very close to 625/650 HP with little effort!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. Maybe just elaborate about how the car comes in that posted weight?? Curious!
Why is the cam too big? He has fair compression, Ported heads {assuming they are max ported correctly per the applicaton} and a good sized rear gear

We ran a 283/291 @.050 in a 331cid, It ran fine - Not your everyday street car, not even your typical weekend car or tor car but it goes down the track A-B with impressive times for a heavy car at 3,600-3,700pounds
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