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Need some opinions on an intake for my 454

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Kind of at stand-still on which intake to get for my 454. Here are the specs:
.030 454, major hogged out 990 rectangle port heads with 2.19s and 1.88s, 10 to 1 compression, 262/272 @.050 comp solid roller with 680/714 lift, Unilite w/6al box, 2 inch primary headers, TH400 with 3500 stall and 4.56 12 bolt...66 Chevelle SS with 31 inch tall tire...Car weighs roughly 3200 pounds...It's a weekend street car and occasional bracket car

I was thinking of a dual plane Weiand Stealth or a single plane Holley Strip Dominator...I've even thought of an old Twisted Tarantula...What do you guys think?
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Single plane all the way.Weiands team G or Eddys super victor with wilson spacer.
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