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Need some opinions on an intake for my 454

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Kind of at stand-still on which intake to get for my 454. Here are the specs:
.030 454, major hogged out 990 rectangle port heads with 2.19s and 1.88s, 10 to 1 compression, 262/272 @.050 comp solid roller with 680/714 lift, Unilite w/6al box, 2 inch primary headers, TH400 with 3500 stall and 4.56 12 bolt...66 Chevelle SS with 31 inch tall tire...Car weighs roughly 3200 pounds...It's a weekend street car and occasional bracket car

I was thinking of a dual plane Weiand Stealth or a single plane Holley Strip Dominator...I've even thought of an old Twisted Tarantula...What do you guys think?
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The car is fully tubbed with only 2 fiberglass buckets.It has fiberglass fenders, bumpers and hood. Floors are all aluminum, as is the firewall. It weighs 3240 with my old iron headed 396 and me in it and I'm about 200 lbs. It was weighed on a truck scale so I am assuming that it's fairly accurate.
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