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I've had my 69 chevelle for almost 2 years now, in the time I've redone my whole interior and experienced low rear end fluid and a lock up on the highway at 60mph. Now comes the time in my short lived chevelle carrier to swap out the tranny. I'm only 16 so don't be to harsh for me being so naive but I need help on which trannys will fit. Right now I have a 350 backed by a th350 both of which are coming out. I plan on swapping my 350 for another small block and stroking it to a 383... now I want to put a 4 speed in, I'm coming very close to buying an muncie m20 thats completely rebuilt for around 450... now I'd like to know if theres going to be any problems with bolting this into where I have my th350 now, from prior knowledge I'm pretty sure the existing cross member wont bolt right back up but besides that is their any problems I may run into or a better trans that i should be looking for. The 383 I'm rebuilding is going to be pushing about 500 off the bottle, will the m20 withstand that much horsepower? Thanks for all the help... eric.
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