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Need some help locating a member!!!

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Has anyone heard or talked to Gary (GosFast) from The Engine Shop in New York? The last time he posted was 4 months ago, and He hasn't returned my calls or emails. The last time I talked with him, he said he was having health issues but was on the mend and getting better all the time. That was just after the Covid hit. I haven't spoken to him since.
Anybody talk to him recently?

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Is that The Engine Shop in Middletown? If so, you can try calling there, 845-343-4752. They have a good reputation.
I dont think it is. I have Garys phone number and the area code its for the eastern end of Long Island.
Chris, if you know his full name, do a search on that. It might come back with some useful info ?
I don't know Gary's last name unfortunately. All I have is Gary S from his email and that's [email protected]. I clicked on his profile and it says he was last seen 15 days ago. So he's still breathing up to that point. The shops address is in West Babylon NY. That much I do know. I sent him another email yesterday and am IM from here today. We'll see what happens.
I just did a BUNCH of searches using various forms of his name, location and email and came up blank too. Hopefully, you are right, that he is still breathing, but anyone accessing his email account would show up as him... :oops:
Maybe he goes south for the holidays and leaves the business at home....;)
That's a possibility! We'll just have to wait and see.

I found his last name. I dont want to put it out there without is permission.
Already did. Thanks.
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