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Need some advice - New from Florida

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Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the best forum to ask for advice, but since this is my first post I figured I'd put it here. I have wanted a Chevelle since I was 17 years old (almost bought one), I am now 30 and its about time to make it happen.

I am not exactly a performance car guy, but I know my way around an engine compartment fairly well. I still have a lot to learn as I am a firefighter/paramedic by trade so I have no offical training in the mechanic field.

I am looking to buy my first Chevelle and I would like some advice from some guys who know them well:

1. I want power (doesn't everyone?), and I want it to sound awesome (like a boat)! I have been narrowing my search to a 396 or a 454, but I was curious if a 350 is a viable option for power in these old cars. I know the parts are probably cheaper and easier to find. This is my first Chevelle but will also likely be my last, so I want to buy the right motor the first time.

2. I am looking for a car around 10,000-13,000. I know that limits my options a lot, so I fully expect to get a car with ragged interior. What major concerns should I look for to aviod getting a lemon? I can deal with ripped seats and bad interior, but bent frames and major issues are not something I want.

3. Any other tips for a first time Chevelle buyer?

P.S. I live in Sarasota, FL so if anyone know of one in the area let me know.

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Thanks for the help guys, I will look into a local Chevelle club.

I was speaking to a guy at my work who seems to know his way around old Chevy muscle cars. He currently owns a 68' Camaro and he has owned a few Chevelles in the past.

He suggested I stay away from the big blocks if I am going to drive it daily. He said they overheat faster and I will run into more problems with them from continuous use. I drive roughly 30 miles per week, mostly to and from work. He suggested I could get plenty of power out of a 327 or a 350 and they would serve me better. Thoughts?
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