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Need shorter timing chain-GenVI ???

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Installed the cam (using a step nose GenVI cam and GM timing set from 502 motors). Seems really loose. Have about 3/16" - 1/4" side play in the chain. Note: block was line honed. Maybe this is the way the 502 chain sets are supposed to fit, but I would expect them to be lot tighter. Anyone familiar with this or have a line on available shorter sets for a GenVI?
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I found the info on CLoyes site. Will have to take measurements to get it right. FYI, this is a GenVI step nose cam in a MrkIV block. Timing cover is the stock MrkIV style.

Edited: got measurements. Centers are only .003 difference than stock. Very surprised at how sloppy this new chain set is for only .003 diff. Hopefully a -.005 set will fit correct.
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