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Need more leg room in Elcamino

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I gave my dad a '67 Elky with buckets/console. It's a nice ride that he's admired since I got it so I let him have it (I have other rides). Anyway, he is a tall guy and does not have enough leg room to be comfortable. The factory buckets only go back to the metal tray under the back window. I recently saw an elky with earlier (64-65) buckets that are not as tall and fit under the tray thereby allowing the seat to travel further back. Is anyone familiar with what I am talking about? Would I have to move the tracks further back? Any other ideas? I'd appreciate any help.
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When the stock bucket seat is all the way back it is touching the tray, limiting its rearward travel. The top of the seat back is 3-4" above the tray. I've seen earlier model seats installed that are not as tall and they appear to fit below the tray. I was just not sure if they had any further rearward travel available or if it was necessary to move the tracks further back.
On a 66-67 or 64-65 for that matter the tray is only 2" or so deep but the area under the window is vertical under the lower edge of the window so there shoud be some more room there.
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