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Need more leg room in Elcamino

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I gave my dad a '67 Elky with buckets/console. It's a nice ride that he's admired since I got it so I let him have it (I have other rides). Anyway, he is a tall guy and does not have enough leg room to be comfortable. The factory buckets only go back to the metal tray under the back window. I recently saw an elky with earlier (64-65) buckets that are not as tall and fit under the tray thereby allowing the seat to travel further back. Is anyone familiar with what I am talking about? Would I have to move the tracks further back? Any other ideas? I'd appreciate any help.
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Dan I have read some threads on here about some guys removing that tray.not sure of the years though,try doing a search on rear window tray removal. Hope this helps out :thumbsup:
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