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need more info on synthetics

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I have been thinking about changing over to synthetics but have a few questions. 1.Using the same weight oil (10w40) will your oil pressure change? 2. Do you have to flush the motor first to remove old oil? How many miles should I put on a new motor before switching over?
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In order:
1. 40 weight oil is 40 weight oil, does not matter what type.
2. Do not have to flush.
3. We put Mobil 1 oil in from the start, no problems. GM does it on the Vette, why not everyone else. The old wives tales about rings not seating are just that. If the cylinders are correctly finished, the rings are seated on the engine stand.

Bill Koustenis
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what do you mean the rings are seated on the engine stand...
are you sasying that running is NOT necessary to seat the rings???

please enlighten me!


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Synthetic oils are completely compatible with conventional oils.

Oil pressure will not change.

Rings need to "wear" the cylinder wall to be considered "broken" in.

It is not necessary to use some other oil when breaking in an engine. Synthetics are installed from the factory in SS camaros and Corvettes. They are rather pricy so I would break an engine in with conventional oil, then after the break in period, replace filter and oil and install the synthetic oil.

Good luck

Mr. D
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I would have to agree with Mr. D on this one. I talked to several motor guys around here and even asked the guy who pieced our motor for us twice. They all said to run conventional for a few thousand miles then switch over to synthetic if you like.
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