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The problem could be the switch, not getting power to the motor, could be the motor or could be mechanical binding of the fwd/back track. You can remove the switch, with the wires still connected check for voltage on the ltgreen wire (forward), tan (backward). In each case the other wire is grounded, (forward) power on ltgreen - tan is grounded. Check the motor using an ohm meter, with the switch removed from the connector, check for a closed circuit ltgreen to tan. The motor has an internal overload that can be open or just warn out. If, after a 20 - 30 minute period without trying (let the internal overload cool down), you can hear the motor try to run the problem can be a mechanical binding. The seat has three motors, one each for front height and rear height and one for the fwd/back.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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