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Need help with linkage installation!

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Please need some help! I have a 70 Chevelle SS with a 400 transmission. As you can see in the pictures this is where I'm at. I can't figure out how the shifter linkage attaches to the transmission. The assembly manual shows a rod that attaches to the steering column and then is connected to shift bracket and there is a illustration without the rod. Is there a square insert that goes in the bottom opening that will allow the linkage to connect to the bracket? I do have the bracket that bolts to the bottom of the pan but that is all I have left for parts. As you can see I'm all confused.

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I wish my digital camera was working....

You need the bracket that bolts to the pan, as it has slot in it that secures the cable.

The black braket you have installed is good to go as far as it's postion, but you need this:

You attach your cable end to this piece, and it allows for some minor adjustment, so that you shifter will fall into the right spot when you move it.

The above piece is available form Ground Up, P/N FTH-050 $7.95

If you go into my showroom, you'll see a pic showing the left inner side of my frame with a cad plated bracket on it. You need one of those, as the linkage goes from the black bracket to this piece ( with a spring and special washer ) and another piece attaches that goes up to a bracket on the steering column.
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I just sent you an e-mail with some diagrams.
I believe they are for the locking feature on your column.
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