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Need help with carb?

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Try to make it short.Carb not opening all the way and thought it was the cable so i replaced it with a lokar with the same results.Got wife inside to push all the way down but i had to do the rest at the carb to get it all the way open.Im not much of a carb guy but there must be another adjustment Im missing.It's not on the gas pedal or cable side so there must be something on the carb it's self thats out of adjustment?? THANKS,BILL
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Anybody help me out here?
Bob you got it correct.I just got in from working on it and thats what i did.Moved from top hole to lower hole and bingo.You both are correct because there is a big old hump in the foor which is not helping things at all and it looks as tho someone beat the floor to get the trans or headers to fit and thats not helping things as well.Thanks,bill
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