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ok guys im so glad i signed up on here because since i have been on here i have done much to my car, what i really would like help on is what throttle cable and kickdown cable brackets do i use the sb one dont work, i knew it wasnt just thought i would try frist chevy for me any way it had a 350 but i put a 454 for a burban and it has a th350 hope that helps , i put a 33101 holley on it with the stock intake so what brackets do i get? im gonna get a air gap later but right now just want it to work and where can i get the hardware that holds the throttle cable and kick down on the carb? and yea what brackets will work or do i need a new throttle calbe . thanks guys sorry if i dont respond fast but i will thanks a ton again :confused::sad::(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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