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Need help Identifying CWC Camshaft

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CWC Textron #1539

Currently in a 383 SBC.
Coding camshaft. Was toils it was a Golen 230/230 .480/.480 110
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Also can i safely run the Xtreme Energy™, XR294HR on my 383 Vortec 906 heads and screw studs ? I have 3.55 geArs and a 3600 stall
The specs you have listed above for that 115835 part number is correct, the L/S is 109* instead of 110*.

This was one of the best selling/most popular cams through the years past!

That particular cam put my son's pump-gas 406" SB Chevelle to an 11.80 E.T. many years ago!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. Not sure about the "Golen" number (1539) but under the Blue-Racer/Crane line it was numbered WG1011.
Really? The one I t
Which cam are you refering to that helped your son achieve 11.80?

The one I'm looking to go to? Comp?
CWC is the foundry that cast the cam blank. At one time they supplied 85% of the blanks in the world. My grandfather was one of their 1st employees when they started out as Cambell, Wyant, and Cannon back in the early 1900s.
That's pretty neat.

So I believe it is a small cam and want to pick up some performance. I have some worked Vortec heads and I'm interested in that comp cam XE294HR and a returnless EFI kit. I have a 3600 Stall, 3.55 gears, and 18" wheels.
Can you guys help me pick a cam and fix my combo?

I have a 383 with ported vortec 906 heads, flat top pistons, 10:1, 3600 Stall, 200-4R. I plan on putting some 4.11 gears but I have 3.55s now
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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