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Need Help decoding a `67 12 Bolt

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This code was found on the axle tube: cw 7 129 b is the code (pass axle tube) any help appreciated.

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The year is not shown in the stamp. You must have misread the 7.
(MM/DD) used thru '70.
The year is shown in the center section casting date. Small raised
code on one of the axle support gussets. Look facing the cover opening at the 5 or 7 O'clock position.
Letter for month and numbers for day and last digit of year. Looks similar to this:
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Just to be clear the year shown in the casting date is the year cast , not model year...For '67 model year only those cast Jan+ '67 will show a 7.
Yes, Nov 11 '66, and so the stamped date is likely 1129 not 7129.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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